Visual Media

Promotional Flier


Black & White promotional flier for promoting a graduate leadership conference.

I was given the image, logo, and content for this flier. I began by sketching 4 potential layouts. I used the fourth sketch as a guide for creating my layout in Adobe InDesign. I used repeated patterns of rectangles with similar dimensions to create unity, and contrasted the two fonts I used and also contrasted different colors. The body copy is 12 pt. and I used the content, image, and logo that were provided for me.

I am trying to inform recent graduates of the opportunities for this conference, and warn them that there is limited space available.

Recent graduates of varying age, from around 22-30 years of age.

Lessons Learned:
I learned how important it is to gather feedback! I found the critique process to be surprisingly helpful.

Title Font Name & Category:
Century Gothic-Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Century Schoolbook-Oldstyle

Images Used:





2 thoughts on “Promotional Flier”

  1. Naomi, I really like this design, the message is clear and concise. I like the way that you drew attention to “leadership” by making the other two words lowercase. felt the placement of the logo was excellent!
    Seemed like the web address got lost being so close to the other text. Also, the backdrop for the DTP is a little chaotic, to me at least, just seemed a little busy is all. is my address for this project, but I have more projects from a previous class, I’d love some more feed back if you would!


  2. Wow, Naomi! Your flier really stands out to me. I love the creativity in the spontaneous shapes. The Leadership title clearly sticks out and goes well with it, as does the image. Perhaps the alignment could be adjusted slightly with sliding the word “graduate” all the way inside the title box, as well as some of the words to the top right. I think that would make it even more legible. Overall, it’s a really cool design.

    Here’s my blog! Take a peek!

    Also, here’s a link to a blog by Angie Reichmann, I liked this one too.


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