Visual Media

Event Ad


A color full-bleed event ad to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.

I found the image used for the central part of the flier in the September 2015 Ensign, and scanned it to my computer using my roommate’s printer. I then inserted the image into Microsoft Word, and used the Shape and Text Box tools to create the rest of the flier. I added the image of the Angel Moroni and removed the background using Microsoft Word. I also colored the central image using the Picture Tools in Word. I downloaded fonts from Google Fonts so that I would have more choices than the default fonts in Word, and added them to my computer.

I am advertising a Temple Patron Assistance Social for gathering donations to give to the Temple Patron Assistance Fund. The social will be held in the Cultural Hall of the Mays Pond Meetinghouse, and the social will be $5 a person to attend.

Wardmembers interested in donating to a pertinent cause, especially those interested in family history work.

Lessons Learned:
I learned how last-minute edits can provide surprisingly good inspiration! I was inspired to use the purple coloration of the photo after realizing that the colors in the photo were not as saturated as I wanted them to be.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

I used a Complementary color scheme by using Purple and Yellow.

Title Font Name & Category:
Oswald-Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Roboto Slab-Slab Serif

Images Used: From the September 2015 Ensign. The image was originally around 8.25 x 5.5″, but I scanned it in at 600 DPI so the final resolution was 2420 x 1672 pixels. 

The Angel Moroni image was taken from this website



1 thought on “Event Ad”

  1. Hey man! I really liked your flier! it looks pretty awesome! The yellow lines with the purple boxes make the asymmetry align nicely! i will agree the coloration of the picture isn’t my biggest preference, but hey we are all learning! I like the fonts also, simple yet professional. nice job!


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