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Mark Twain Quote Photodesign


Description: A poster including a color scheme, design elements, and a quote attributed to Mark Twain.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills: I first decided to use an Analogous color scheme that was inspired by the brick buildings on campus and the red berries and leaves on the foliage outside. I used a Canon Powershot digital camera that I checked out from the school library and took about 40 pictures around campus. I chose the statue of the boy outside the David O. McKay library because the photo was appealingly arranged for what I had in mind. I chose a modern, graphic layout to contrast with the antiquated nature of the statue. I also edited the photo to saturate it more and bring out the blue tones of the snow to contrast with my color and layout. I chose the quote because it was one my grandfather shared with me the day before I left for BYU-Idaho, and it has inspired me while I have discovered more of the campus and the college.

Message: I wanted to reach students and remind them of the multiple opportunities we have while we are attending this school, especially as we are learning to live as adults and take charge of our own educations.

Audience: BYU-Idaho students, specifically those (like me) who need to find balance in their lives between schoolwork and college life.

Lessons Learned: I learned how to use a digital camera and to plan the layouts and composition of my photos. I also learned how to use basic elements of Photoshop to improve images.

Color scheme: Analogous

Color names: Orange, Brick and Red

Title Font Name & Category: Patua One: Slab Serif

Emphasis Font Name & Category: Lobster: Script

Original Image:



2 thoughts on “Mark Twain Quote Photodesign”

  1. WOW! I love this. The words are so bold; they really jump out at me. The color scheme in your background of your words is awesome. I love the way you overlapped those blocks. You did an amazing job. This looks like something I would find on Pinterest. Here is a link to another photo design project you might like (they also used a mark twain quote):


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