Visual Media

Religious Montage


Description: An spiritual montage created with the blending of two or more images, and the use of artful typography.

Process: I cropped the background image to 8.5 x 11 inches, edited the vibrancy and saturation, and then added the picture of the Christus. I used the lasso tool to take out the picture of the Christus with the feather effect added, and then blended it in using layer masks. I added another galaxy layer on top, used the Iris Blur effect, and then masked it out so that the emphasis would be on the statue. I added several gradients on the sides to enhance the colors of the picture,

Message: I wanted to show the enduring nature of God’s love through his creations, and how he shares that love with us and promises incredible things for us in the future.

Audience: Those who need inspiration or a reminder of God’s love. It is meant to inspire gratitude and awe for God and his creations.

Colorized/Filters Applied: Iris Blur, Gradients, Levels, Vibrance

Color Scheme: Monochromatic

Color Names: Gold

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to use the masking effect and gradients harmoniously to make two images blend.

Font Names and Categories: Cinzel (from Google Fonts): Oldstyle

Thumbnails of Images Used:



Christus Statue

The Orion Nebula



4 thoughts on “Religious Montage”

  1. Hey Naomi, I think this design is really nice. The background looks pretty cool with the Christ statue in front of it. Also, I like that you were able to emphasize certain words that are more important. I think that the color of the text goes well with the background image. I like that it is great that Christ is looking towards the text, it creates a nice flow and draws your attention to the quote.

    Great job, check out this great blog:


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