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Elemental Fury Logos


Design a business logo for my webcomic.

Process: I began by creating several sketches and googling “webcomic logos” for inspiration. I then browsed through Dafont to find several fonts that would work well with the ideas I came up with. I then used my sketches as potential outlines for my final designs. I used the Aristotelian symbols for the four elements as part of the design for my logo, since my webcomic depends heavily on the Grecian theories of terrestrial elements. These can be seen in the final design as the triangle placed under the E in Elemental that represents fire, and the other triangle in place of the A in elemental that represents water. I used the costume colors as the inspiration for the first coloring of the designs, but for the final designs I desaturated the colors significantly.  

Programs/Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator

Message: A vibrant and modern logo for a webcomic about superheroes conquering in the modern world.

Audience: My peers that are interested in modern, diverse stories involving inner strength and the battle against mental illness.

Top Thing Learned: How to manipulate characters (in font).

Color Scheme: Complementary

Color Names: Teal and Brick

Font Name & Category: Jack Frost, Sans Serif

Font Source:  Dafont


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