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Naomi Bastian Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections / Time Spent:

Project #6: 20 minutes-I changed all of text to white, fixed the opacity in the background of the business card and the letterhead, and edited the JPEGs for better formatting.

Project #3: 1 hour-I changed the shapes in the background for better flow, rearranged the text, and changed the color of the bars.

Project #2: 45 minutes-I changed the color tone of the photograph, removed the Internet image, added more spacing around the text, added the benefactor and event details, changed the colors of the design elements, and changed the center aligned text to be left aligned.

Message: I wanted to create a professional portfolio that would display my work to its best advantage. I tried to establish harmony throughout the portfolio to make it clear that I have my own distinct visual style.

Audience: My audience will be potential clients and employers.

Top Thing Learned: I learned to use master pages and paragraph styles more effectively in InDesign, and it made creating the portfolio that much easier.

Future application of Visual Media: I plan to use the principles learned in this class while majoring in Web Design, and also for freelance work and a potential graphic design career.

Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic, Purple

Title Font Name & Category: Oswald-Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Roboto Slab–Slab Serif


2 thoughts on “Naomi Bastian Portfolio”

  1. Hey Naomi! I think your portfolio looks really good! I like what you’ve done with the shapes and how it kind of brings everything together. I think your order is really good and that it really does show off your best work first. Overall I think you’ve done really well this semester! Great job designing!
    Here’s my blog if you’re interested:


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