Digital Imaging

Visual Focus


This is my design for a two-page spread for a future photobook. I used photos that I had previously taken for Visual Media, and compiled them into this potential spread. To edit the images, I used Adobe Photoshop, and I used Adobe InDesign to create the layout and design. I used the Lobster and Patua One fonts from Google Fonts for this design, and created a custom monochromatic color palette using Paletton. I wanted to create a design that would highlight the bright, beautiful colors in the photos that I used, while also retaining my more modern, graphic style. I want this future photobook to align with the rest of my designs, so I tried to customize it so that it would not look out of place when taken into consideration with the rest of my other designs.


4 thoughts on “Visual Focus”

  1. Hey Naomi,

    Nice design! I really like how you did your layout. I like that there is the one large photo on the left and then the smaller ones on the top right and finally on the bottom your paragraph and medium sized photo. That layout paired with the lines you added creates a great visual flow and hierarchy. Very creative and very good.

    Check out Carissa’s blog, she also had a great flow with her design.


  2. hi Naomi
    I really like your lay out. The typography is really good and the lines help move the eye across the page. Maybe you could substitute some blue lines with some gray and white. that would add some contrast and make it even more dynamic. thanks can’t wait to see the Book.


  3. The title is awesome and works really well with your image. From that start it pulls everything together. I like your use of line, though I think your design would benefit from some color variation. It gets a little dense on the right side of your design. Overall, really good stuff though. Check out my blog:


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