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Composition: Perspective of 12

The Ice-Cream Social
The Ice-Cream Social

For my subject, I decided to take pictures of my Stake Ice Cream Social, to provide not only a wide variety of perspectives, but so that I could take good pictures as part of my calling! The picture above was taken as I was walking up to the party, which is where all of the pictures were taken. For all the pictures, I used adjustment layers with Color Burn and Multiply, and I edited the Shadows and Highlights, the Levels, and also used Selective Color.

Temporary Artistry
Temporary Artistry

Some enterprising artist created a work of art on the sidewalk, just in time for me to photograph it!

The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing

I wanted to take another picture with a much different perspective, that also showed the service of those in the Stake that came out to serve the starving college kids they love. The ice cream was delicious, but knowing that these people took the time out of their day to serve the young adults in Rexburg was the sweetest thing I saw all day.

In Bloom
In Bloom

For this picture, I used two different flower textures from  I blended both on top as layers, retaining the original coloring.

FlowerBeds0009_2_M FlowerBeds0036_2_M

And finally, for my collage, I used the other pictures that I had to give a more cohesive idea of the subject. The different perspectives, parts of the subject that I focused on, and events help to give a more true idea of the surroundings and of the subject. For the background of the collage, I used an image of the sky that I took and edited.

Perspective of 12 Collage
Perspective of 12 Collage

Here are all the photos used in the collage.

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2 thoughts on “Composition: Perspective of 12”

  1. Hey nice work! I was actually there, too bad I didn’t sneak into any of the pictures! I really like the chalk drawing picture. It looks like the sun was starting to go down, but you made the most of the lighting that you had. Nice job!

    Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: You can also check out my little sister’s blog too! She’s got some great stuff: This website is to a photographer that I really like, he does some awesome nature shots:


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