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Creativity: Close Up and Personal

This week was a new adventure in photography. Although I’ve used cameras before, I’ve never gotten the chance to try to use a macro lens before! It was so exciting to be able to bring these tiny things I was photographing into sharp focus, no matter how hard it was on my neck or my back! Contorting yourself into strange positions seems to be an occupational hazard when it comes to photography. I also got to experiment with better lighting this week, and I think an LED light will be a must-have from now on. It allowed me to bring all the tiny facets of my subjects into sharper focus, which I really enjoyed. On all the photos, I used Adobe Photoshop to play with the Brightness and Contrast, and the Vibrance to enhance the colors of the pictures. In some cases, the flowers were already so vibrant and rich that they didn’t need saturation at all!

For the first round of macro photography, we photographed fruit, flowers, and small toys using LED lights to brighten the subjects, and a pipette and squirt bottle to strategically douse them! My favorite photograph came from this photography session.

NaomiBastian-DropletsThis was unarguably the most stunning photo I took from all the macro photography I tried. I love that I was able to get so close that it just blacked out the rest of the background, and the warm colors of the flower make it even better.

NaomiBastian-DaisyI love the composition of this one. I didn’t expect the water droplet photography to be so fascinating, but I adore the way that the droplet reflects the flower in this photo.

NaomiBastian-RoseThis photo is another one of my favorites, mostly because of the way that the light plays across it. This flower got significantly more doused than my other subjects, but I really like the way that the light reflects in all of the tiny drops.

NaomiBastian-WatchTo finish the rest of the assignment, I checked out a tripod, an LED light, a macro extension tube, and a Canon T3i and got to work rearranging my desk for photo opportunities. I had heard that photographing jewelry works really well for macro photo ops, so I raided my jewelry collection.

NaomiBastian-CastleThis tiny castle was a gift to me from my mother, after I had coveted it for years and years. I love the unearthly fairytale look of the background, and how detailed the castle is for only being about an inch and a half high!

NaomiBastian-OwlThis subject was a great model. He held very still and didn’t even blink! I was lucky to catch him at a moment when the light was reflecting in his little eyes. He almost looks alive!

Thanks for reading about my macro photography shenanigans! I hope you enjoyed my photos!




4 thoughts on “Creativity: Close Up and Personal”

  1. Naomi
    loved your pics for this section i especially liked the watch pic and i think in front of that is those cool earrings. i like the color and the detail. I’ve always been a fan of Jewelry. you did a great job of capturing the detail in the watch the ribbing and the bezel look super sharp. you water drops are perfect great job.


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