Digital Imaging

Lighting with Reflectors

This was my first time using reflectors, and even though we had a limited time to capture the images, it was still a great experience. It took me several tries to take photos I really liked, but once I did, I loved those pictures.


This was my favorite portrait from the session. We used the black side to block the light that was overexposing his shoulder, and ended up with a really cool shadowed effect. NaomiBastianGold This was taken using a gold reflector to bounce light up into his face and remove the shadows. NaomiBastianWithoutThis is the same pose and frame, but without any reflective techniques.

NaomiBastianSilverFor this portrait, we used the silver reflector to completely block out the light in his face. The photo wasn’t focused as well as I would have liked, but it blocked out the shadows really well.


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