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Portraits: Portraits & Enhancements

This week, I had the opportunity to practice taking portraits, something I’ve been longing to do ever since I took this class. These pictures were taken the day before Memorial Day while I was with my family in Utah. I had a distinct lack of actual models, so I had to drag my family with me outside for portrait sessions. My beautiful mother was doubtless the most willing participant, until my cousin Owen wandered outside with his bubble gun and thought he’d help. The result? Some adorable candid photos, and some gorgeous portraits of my mom.

The best part of this particular project was that my aunt Rachel was there to help me. Rachel is a professional photographer, as you can see from her blog Gatsby Nouvel, and she was able to lend me her camera and some invaluable advice. She helped me with posing, gave me editing tips, and helped me scout out a suitable location. I have no idea what I would have done without her!

Individual – Side Composition

For the side composition picture, we wanted a nice, clean background with good leading lines. Once we saw the tree that had helpfully draped its branches over the white fence, we knew what to use!


Individual – Head or Head & Shoulders
Individual – Head or Head & Shoulders

This was my favorite photo of my mom from the entire portrait session. I love the look in her eyes and the way her hair is falling.

Individual – Head or Head & Shoulders

This photo was taken when we were experimenting with different angles to catch the light in her eyes.

Individual – Full Body

I love the angle I was able to capture with this photo in particular.

Group Activity

Owen was an EXTRAORDINARILY enthusiastic photography assistant. He kept spraying all of us with bubbles even after the photos were taken, to the point where we had to chase him out of the shot multiple times!

NaomiBastian-ThanksOwenThis was almost an actual shot, until I realized that Owen had snuck himself and his gun into the picture!

Group Posed

Owen prefers candid shots, so I persuaded Rachel to pose with her sister for at least one picture.

Individual or Group Environmental
Individual or Group Environmental

This is Owen’s natural environment, goofing around with bubbles! We managed to catch him when he wasn’t hamming it up in front of the camera, and it’s my favorite photo we took of him.

Portrait Enhancements
Portrait Enhancements

After Owen had thoroughly sprayed her with the bubble gun, my mom’s hair was so coated with bubble solution that bubbles were just sticking in her hair! For this photo, I whitened her teeth, blurred her skin, sharpened her eyes, and removed mascara blemishes. I also sharpened the bubbles in her hair.

Match Color
Match Color

For this portrait, the lighting was dark and cold. I wanted something with more blue tones and a warmer base to contrast with the reds in her hair.

Replace Color
Replace Color

I followed this tutorial to replace the color of my mom’s sweater with a nice, sedate blue instead.

Thanks for following my adventures in portrait-taking!


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