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Bannack Best: Portraits

This week was my photography trial by fire. Bannack is legendary throughout the Communications department for being one of the best experiences COMM 300 has to offer. Montana holds a special place in my heart, since my grandparents live there and my mother was born and raised there. However, I’ve never been to Bannack before, so I was excited beyond belief to go!

Ambient Lighting

The portrait sessions at Bannack took up most of my afternoon, and I snuck into several group photography sessions before my allotted turn to plan what I wanted to do. Sarah was my group leader and the “schoolteacher” model,  and the portraits I took of her were some of my absolute favorite. She has the most amazing eyes, and this shot captured the light reflecting in them perfectly.

Flash Lighting

For this pose, we used a flash to achieve more dramatic lighting.

NaomiBastian-ContemplationBWI edited this photo in both full color and black and white, and decided to post both.

Gold Reflector

For this photo, taken in one of the rooms of the Hotel Meade, my group and I used a gold reflector to bounce light into her face and diffuse some of the shadows. I loved the ambient lighting coming through the window, and her pose and expression were perfect.

Gold Reflector

This was taken in a different room of the Hotel Meade, also using a gold reflector. Her smile was so natural (we had someone else in the room encouraging her to smile) that it made for an amazing portrait.

IMG_4491(Here’s what she was looking at, by the way)

Ambient Lighting

This photo was difficult to take because of the multiple mosquitoes infesting every single window in Bannack! The model was a good sport though, and let me take the picture before jumping back in disgust.

Einstein Strobe

This station set up in the hotel was the only one where I really took the time to play with the Einstein Strobe, but it gave such a warm, gorgeous shadowed effect that I regretted not using it with some of the other models. The baby in this photo is a cleverly folded blanket, but the models did such an amazing job of looking tenderly at the blanket that I was downright impressed.

NaomiBastian-GhostFor this photo, I had one of the models walk down the staircase slowly while the shutter was open for three seconds. I took two different versions of this photo and combined them for the maximum ghostly effect.

As you can see from the original photos, they were combined.

On all of these photos, I used an Unsharp Mask to sharpen the eyes of the models, and Gaussian Blur to soften the skin more. I also used basic photo edits such as Levels, Brightness and Contrast, and Vibrance and Saturation.

Thanks for checking out this first round of photos from Bannack! Make sure to look at my other posts from Bannack too!


2 thoughts on “Bannack Best: Portraits”

  1. Wow! Way cool pics! I really like the angles that you were able to capture each person at. I especially like the one where the Indian girl is sitting cross legged on the ground and you shot the picture from above, it is a very flattering angle and just really interesting to look at. I like the dramatic coloring you used to bring out the contrasting colors in the image. I looked at all 3 of your posts and across the board you did great! I really like the creepy doll one in your creative post haha it definitely crept me out for a sec.

    Check out my blog 🙂


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