Digital Imaging

Bannack Best: Creative

The assignment to make creative images was tougher than I had previously imagined, but I’d like to think that I was able to come up with some interesting images that were more heavily edited than the ones before.

NaomiBastian-LevitationThe levitation assignment was much more fun to take than it was to edit! For this assignment, I used a tripod to take a photo of the empty classroom. We then arranged our model on a stool, flapped a reflector in her face to make her hair move, and took another picture. From there, I took the background image into Photoshop, embedded the image with the subject, and then masked out the stool and the surrounding classroom. I wanted a vintage look to the photograph, inspired by the images in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, so I edited it with a sepia tone and added some black shadow effects with a brush to the edges.

Here are the original images I used to create the levitation image.

NaomiBastian-OutOfTheCryptFor the out-of-the-box image, I wanted to play with heavier editing. I took this photo of a vanity, purposely underexposed it, and added in an image I took of Sarah previously. The result? A ghost that may or may not be spying on you while you peruse the abandoned treasures of Bannack.

IMG_4323This is the original image used.

NaomiBastian-TalkyTinaThe conceptual image was, believe it or not, inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone. Creepy dolls are a horror-movie standby at this point, so when someone brought an antique china doll along, I couldn’t help myself. I tried both eerie black and ghostly blank white eyes on the doll, but decided that overexposed eyes added to the effect that her eyes are following you around the room. Try to keep your eyes on her!

The first image is the original doll image, and the second is the photo that inspired this edit.

creativeThis edit was created specifically for my photobook.

Thanks for reading all of my Bannack posts! I hope you enjoyed all of the photos I’ve posted so far, and I hope to post more soon!


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