Digital Imaging

Bannack Best: Fine Art

Although the people and models in Bannack were phenomenal, the buildings and surroundings were even better. The houses were decaying to the point where paint was flaking off the walls, rafters were visible in the ceiling, and wallpaper was coming off in huge swathes. I’ve always loved seeing photographs of abandoned places, and this was the first time I got to try it for myself. I tried to take photos of everything, but even my camera has its limits. Here are some of my personal favorites out of almost 600 photos I took.

NaomiBastian-AbandonedShedThis was a small, empty shed out in the middle of a field, that was only noteworthy because it was leaning so far to the side. I loved the composition with the hills in the background, and I also loved how varied the plant life was in the area. This section of sky was covered in clouds with only some blue sky, so I thought it would be a great photo to give a more sepia tone.

NaomiBastian-OvergrowthAnyone who knows me knows how much I love the Portal games, and this abandoned back room reminded me so much of one of some of the surroundings that I had to take the picture. The lighting is absolutely top-notch, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos.

NaomiBastian-StaircaseThis was taken from the second floor of one of the houses in Bannack. Exploring the houses was my favorite, just because there was so much to discover. I loved the contrast between the turquoise light coming in through the window, the yellow paint on the walls, and the blue and yellow tile on the stairs.

NaomiBastian-HotelMeadeThe Hotel Meade was unsurprisingly, one of the most amazing buildings there. I wish I had taken more exterior shots, because the outsides of the buildings were considerably better preserved than the interiors often were. I had to take this shot several times to find the right camera settings, but once I did, I was able to capture the lighting.

NaomiBastian-DoorknobBW NaomiBastian-DoorknobAs it turned out, I liked both versions of this picture so much I wanted to post them both. This was an old doorknob I found on one of the buildings, and I loved the way the light played across this composition.

NaomiBastian-HDRToningThis photo used four different photos with different exposures to create an HDR photo edit.

These are the original images I used for the HDR toning image. Since I don’t have a Photomatix budget, I used Photoshop’s HDR toning and I loved the results.

Aside from the HDR toned photo, I used Levels, Brightness and Contrast, Vibrance and Saturation, and Selective Color to edit the photos using Adobe Photoshop. I also used Black and White for two of the photos.

Thanks for reading more about my Bannack adventures!


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