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Tasteful Typography

NaomiBastian-TemplateWe’re beginning to design our photobooks to showcase our work throughout this semester, and the first step is to practice using templates for the covers of our books. The photo used on this cover is one of the HDR photos I took at Bannack, and I used my signature and typography to brand it as my own.
To fill the book with content, we needed practice with typography. This was an assignment that I was genuinely looking forward to. I love typography (as you can see from my tutorial) and I was excited to edit more of my photos from Bannack. For this assignment, I had originally planned to use photos from the Bannack jailhouse. But after perusing all of the houses in Bannack, I was charmed by the contrast of the gloomy Western exteriors and the pastel-colored interiors. Some furniture was still left in a few of the houses, along with colored vinyl floors, decrepit wallpaper, and broken roofs. I decided to use the photos I had taken of the interiors of the houses in various states of decay. I found it fascinating that the walls and floors of the houses were still covered in candy colors even though they were falling apart in a ghost town in Montana. I’ve always loved seeing photos of abandoned places such as amusement parks or shopping malls, and so I decided to try to showcase the beauty apparent in these decaying houses through typography and a few of my favorite quotes.

NaomiBastian-PastelDecay4NaomiBastian-PastelDecay5NaomiBastian-PastelDecayText3NaomiBastian-PastelDecay2NaomiBastian-PastelDecayText2NaomiBastian-PastelDecay6NaomiBastian-PastelDecay7NaomiBastian-PastelDecayText1NaomiBastian-PastelDecay3NaomiBastian-PastelDecay1All of these photos were taken in different houses on the main street of Bannack. The photos were edited in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I changed the Brightness and Contrast, Levels, Vibrance and Saturation, and Sharpness. I wanted to highlight the variety of colors while also capturing how much these houses had deteriorated. When you can see the rafters in the roof and the wallpaper sloughing off the walls, it becomes clear that these truly are abandoned places. It might seem strange to be wandering through places that people have once inhabited, but Bannack feels like a true ghost town. There’s no one there to protest against us moving through their homes and admiring the creepy feel (or looking for ghosts) and I wanted to capture that in my photos.

Fonts Used:

Template Font: Oswald (Google Fonts)

Body Copy: Bree Serif

Emphasis: Lily Script One

Thanks for reading about more of my Bannack experience! I can’t wait to share my photobook with you soon. Keep checking this blog, because I plan on updating some older posts soon.


2 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography”

  1. Naomi
    love this series I amazed at the colors that you captured with this series i remember entering that building but i honestly didn’t see how amazingly colorful and oddly beautiful it was. your choice of font is impeccable i expected nothing less. i think my favorite shot in the series was the one with the quote by lewis. the contrast of the colors is incredible. i found this great blog that has all of this construction photography and i love the way she built her website as a web designer you might rally like it


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