Digital Imaging

First Spread, Table of Contents, Covers, and Professional Page

NaomiBastian-FrontCoverThis week we began working towards one of our final projects, specifically a photobook featuring our work throughout the past semester. This was and still continues to be a challenge for me as I try to reconcile the beauty of my photographs with the limited space I have. I’ve tried to organize the content within in the order of my favorite subjects, beginning with macro photography. Going back through my photo blog as I try to find the best of what I have done has filled me with gratitude. It’s embarrassingly easy to see how much progress I have made throughout this semester, and I hope that my photobook will be able to highlight that.

I designed these first drafts for my photobook using Adobe InDesign, using the Oswald font and Patua One font from Google Fonts. All of the photos are edited in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

NaomiBastian-TableOfContentsThis photo was taken at Bannack, and was one of the many not featured in my previous posts.

NaomiBastian-SpreadThis spread contains some of my favorite photos. I enjoyed macro photography so much that I decided to make it the first section of photos in my book.

NaomiBastian-ProfessionalThe portrait of me was taken by my aunt Rachel of Gatsby Nouvel Photography, and the texture behind the text is a photo I took of the ceiling of the jailhouse in Bannack. It may be an unconventional choice for texture, but I like that there’s a story like that behind it.

NaomiBastian-BackCoverThe back cover for my book is one of my favorite environmental shots from Bannack. I regret that I didn’t take more shots of the exteriors of the buildings there, because they were spectacular! But I love this one enough that it deserves to be the back cover for my book.

Thanks for continuing to read about my photography adventures! I’m excited to share more of my book with you soon, so check back on Saturday!


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