Digital Imaging

Fine Art Print

Droplets–5/19/2016, 12:55 PM, BYU-Idaho–135 mm– f/8–1/40–Camera: LED Lighting

This photo was taken using a Canon EOS REBEL T3i on May 19th, 2016. Using an LED light and macro light tubes, I was able to capture this macro image of water droplets on a flower. I chose this photo for a fine art print because I love the highly pigmented colors, the detail of the flower itself, and the simplicity of the background. It was one of my favorite photos that I have taken this semester, and it seemed to be the favorite choice of others as well. To edit the photograph, I used an Unsharp Mask to bring out the tiny details on the stamen and pistil and the reflective quality of the water droplets. I also edited the brightness and contrast, levels,  and vibrance and saturation. These edits were meant to highlight the image without changing the nature of it entirely. The original photograph is posted beneath.

Original Photo

I printed the image at a local printing shop in Rexburg, at a 16 by 24 size. The print itself is shown in the video below.



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