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NaomiBastian-PhotobookCoverLink to Full Photobook PDF

This project was one of the most arduous undertakings I had ever been assigned to complete in all of the COMM classes that I have taken, here or otherwise. At the beginning of the semester, I thought it would be downright impossible to fill an entire photobook with the images that I had taken during this semester. At the time, I had little to no faith in my photography ability. And although my skills are still a little shaky, I look forward to sharing the fruits of my labors with you. Most of the photos were taken at BYU-Idaho or in Bannack, Montana. Several pages feature friends and family members. Altogether, this photobook encapsulates a semester filled with struggles, but it’s also a beautiful, visual way to capture the memories that I made here.

For this book, I used the fonts Patua One and Oswald from Google Fonts. The photo of me on my Professional page was taken by Rachel Bergman of Gatsby Nouvel Photography. All other photos were taken by me. I created the designs and spreads in Adobe InDesign, and printed the book itself using MyPublisher.

Even though I thought it would be impossible to fill an entire photobook, the process of choosing which photos to include was harder than I thought. As it would turn out, I had so many other pictures that I was proud of and wanted to display than I thought I would have. This photobook is basically a portfolio of my work throughout this semester, and so I wanted to show off how far I had come. It’s easy to tell when you look through my blog that I had a lot to learn, especially when you see the first assignment using a DSLR camera that I tried to fulfill (and consequently screwed up). But hopefully when you look at my photobook, you’ll be able to see the progress that I have made.

Thanks for following my photography journey on this blog!


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