Vector Graphics

7 Reasons to Make Art Editorial Illustration

An editorial illustration is meant to accompany an article and give the ideas in that article a visual. For this project, I used this article, and focused on the ideas that art is a means of coping, or of comfort.


Sketching the idea was my favorite part of that project. I knew I wanted to incorporate the ideas of mental aid and comfort into this illustration, so I played with that idea. The second round of sketches was an attempt to create characters for this illustration. I wanted to personify the idea of a drawing, of a creation.


Editorial Draft-01

The first draft was a fair attempt, but I received feedback from my professor and my peers that the poses were too stiff, and that it looked creepy rather than comforting. The form of the drawing was also too hard to follow, and I wanted to create a better visualization.

Editorial Draft.2-01The second draft was much better/. I fixed the pen and the pose, and then created more value comps to try and find better colors for the illustration.


Naomi Bastian Editorial Illustration-01

The final draft included what I wanted from this project. I wanted a fanciful, fantastic illustration that would capture how art feels to me, how art can affect us. The article is all about the benefits of art, and I wanted to visualize that. Creating this piece allowed me to experience some of the benefits listed in the article, and I hope that it will inspire others to create as well!



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