Vector Graphics

Cosmic Pinball Gig Poster

A gig poster is a means for advertising a concert or show in one specific location. The poster is supposed to reflect the feel and sound of the music in a visual format, and gig posters are as vast and diverse as music itself is. For this project, I was inspired by the music of… Continue reading Cosmic Pinball Gig Poster

Vector Graphics

Witness Me Shirt Design

This was a project I was extremely excited for. The challenge to create my own design and have it printed was something I had been waiting for since the start of the semester, and I intended to give it my best shot. That is, until I ran headfirst into some severe artist’s block. Although I… Continue reading Witness Me Shirt Design

Vector Graphics

Photorealistic Timepiece

This project was my Vector Graphics trial by fire. Creating things in a photorealistic manner does not come naturally to me, especially when it comes to vector illustration. To imbue my watch with more personal meaning, I wanted to create a photorealistic representation of one of my own timepieces. I was torn between recreating a… Continue reading Photorealistic Timepiece

Vector Graphics

Historical Fashion Icon Set

I have always been interested in historical fashion, but I have never been able to find any informative graphics or illustrations for the variety of silhouettes and fashions found in the 19th century. Most infographics that can be found are lacking in examples of real historical fashion as opposed to modern interpretations of older trends,… Continue reading Historical Fashion Icon Set

Digital Imaging

First Spread, Table of Contents, Covers, and Professional Page

This week we began working towards one of our final projects, specifically a photobook featuring our work throughout the past semester. This was and still continues to be a challenge for me as I try to reconcile the beauty of my photographs with the limited space I have. I've tried to organize the content within… Continue reading First Spread, Table of Contents, Covers, and Professional Page