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Customized Star Wars Illustration: Naomi Strikes Back

First of all, please forgive the title of this post. I just couldn’t resist.

This blog was a significant part of my social media presence for my Social Media Design class (the reason behind all of my shiny new social media channels), but it didn’t cover every requirement for the class. I also had to create an ad campaign, and create new artwork specifically for said ad campaign. Given that I do not have all the time in the world (I wish), I wasn’t sure that I could create an entirely new vector illustration within the constraints of the deadline. However, I was reasonably certain that I could create something new-ish. Ever since December, I had been wishing that I had my own Jedi illustration to match the illustration I created as a Christmas present. Who doesn’t want a radical poster of themselves as a Jedi? I had created a few sketches idly as part of my usual church sketching session, but I hadn’t done anything with them since.

Gage Sicosta and Lex Desthei were meant to be best space buddies, friends and adventurers wreaking havoc across the galaxy.


So what could be more natural than creating a companion piece? With this shoddy justification bouncing around in my mind, I set out to work. As is customary, I began by outlining the shapes over the image of my sketches to start off the composition. I pulled photos of myself from my computer and traced them to attempt a more natural, realistic profile of myself, and then progressed towards making this iteration look like the illustration I had created approximately three months before.

2017-03-16 (1)

This was my first attempt at recording my process by taking frequent screencaps, showcasing the creative process behind my illustrations without livestreaming or recording it. As you can see, it’s a messy process!

2017-03-16 (4)

Once I had finished my side profile to my satisfaction, I was able to move on to her Jedi robes. You can see the sketch in the background of this shot, as well as a good view of my working environment in Adobe Illustrator.

Lex-In Progress 1-01

Here’s a better example of the “underpinnings” behind the finished product. The pose is not exactly like the initial sketch, but they’re similar enough that you can get a good idea of how I go from that sketch to a digital product.

From there, I continued to finish her robes, create a similar background to the Gage Sicosta illustration, add the glow and gradient effects, and finish the shading.

Lex-In Progress-01

I’m pleased by the fact that this illustration looks more like me than any other vector self-portrait I’ve done, but it also makes a great companion piece to my other Star Wars illustration.

Gage and Lex-01.jpg

The fictional versions of ourselves look fabulous together, and created some interesting, engaging ads for the ad campaign required for my class!

Lex and Gage Crop-01.jpg

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions, requests, or if you’d like to see yourself as an awesome, steely-eyed Star Wars character!





Personal Projects

Marie Antoinette Illustration Revamp

My history with graphic design has been long, if not exactly illustrious. I took my first official graphic design class in my sophomore year of high school at Clearfield High, and I absolutely loved it. The projects were interesting and engaging, and the teacher was knowledgeable and skilled. And then my dad got hired at Amazon. I was cruelly ripped from Clearfield High and dumped into Henry M. Jackson High School, where I took a grand total of two more graphic design classes and basically taught myself how to use Rhino and Adobe Illustrator. At the time, I wasn’t comfortable using the Pen tool, and the Curvature tool did not yet exist. So I used the Paint tool, outlined the stroke to create lineart, and then colored in the drawings on another layer.

Marie Final-01

This was one of my final projects for my Graphic Design 3 class, where we were asked to create portfolio pieces. I made this project using the aforementioned Paint Tool method during my junior year of high school, and my teacher shot it down after I presented it with no background. I grudgingly created a background and turned it in, and used it as an example of my work for years.

It is now my junior year of college, and I have to take an Intro to Graphic Design class as a requirement for my Web Design and Development BS. In an attempt to review my tips and tricks I use in Illustrator, I decided to revamp this particular illustration, and actually illustrate it using the skills I learned in my Vector Graphics class, as well as a few hints I picked up from my Intro to Graphic Design teacher.

Marie 1

I began by patterning Marie after a template I had been building for another character. The dress required quite a few edits to match the 1700’s historical style, rather than the 1890’s dress I had been using. But once I had the basic silhouette down, I was able to start creating the patterns for the lace, the jewelry, and the signature hairstyle.

Marie 2

The next step was to recreate the background. I wanted something subtle and simple that would let Marie stand out, so I tried to get the basic shapes down without worrying about the final color palette.

Marie 3

At this point, I had most of the large details finished. I still needed to fix her arms, as well as add more of the intricate details to finish off the dress. I was still using the bright palette, but after a lecture from my Intro to Graphic Design teacher on my tendency to use what he referred to as “nightclub colors”, I decided to tone it down.

Marie Antoinette Final-01

The final draft uses muted colors and soft blues to portray the decadence of the Rococo era. If this was strictly historically accurate instead of stylized, the dress would be overloaded with ruffles, jewels, ribbons, and other decorative embellishments. Her hair would be piled high with feathers and jewels, and in some cases, birds or ships! But as a revamped illustration, I’m pleased with how far I’ve come and how far I will continue to go. Thanks again for following this blog and supporting my artistic journey!


Vector Graphics

MTT Brand Stickers

For this project, I was assigned to create a set of three stickers. I was inspired by some previous work that I had done as fanart for the game Undertale. In the game, the character Mettaton creates his own brand as the only celebrity and his own show as the only form of entertainment in the setting known as the Underground. His brand, MTT Brand, features increasingly ridiculous products such as Bishie Cream or Anime Powder, and his efforts to set himself up as the purveyor of unique and extraordinary products also become increasingly ridiculous. I’ve created this set of stickers, featuring three different costumes from the game, for fans of the game. These stickers are meant to echo the design of my brochure created for Visual Media, so make sure to check that out too!

Creating the Stickers

To create the stickers, I had to create my own interpretation of Mettaton’s design in the video game.

First Run-Through


The first run-through, inspired by the “One True Love” segment of the game, was largely unsuccessful. I had the slope of the shoulders wrong, and the dress needed improvement. I also had to fix the face and hair.

Final Draft

naomi-bastian-stickers-01The finished product was much closer to what I had been envisioning. I had created three different costumes, one from the Death by Glamour segment, one from the Live Report segment, and one from the One True Love segment. I created the smaller versions of his previous form to add to the brand imagery, I plan to sell these stickers on Redbubble, so watch out for them!